Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm A-Runnin'

My friend Scott recently informed me that long before the cigarettes, chocolate milk and sequined suits, Rufus Wainwright was a Canadian child star. Scott found this out while watching Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler, although I have yet to find out why he was watching that movie in the first place. Because I'm too lazy to go the IMDB route, I can only assume that the movie centers around the world of Canadian mall kiosk workers and the mischevious children who exist to foil any successful sales of wind chimes and fresh produce. (Examine the kiosk I'm referring to and let me know if you agree with me - she's either selling produce or baked goods, and either way, that's nothing you'd find at an American mall. We tend to stick to roasted chestnuts and Proactiv Solution).


Anonymous said...

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... said...


That is the best comment. Ever.

Catherine said...

Did I get blog spammed? Regardless, I appreciate the hug.

Scott F Plant said...

Many notes. First of all, this movie only gets better on repeated viewings. 2 That young Rufus Wainright is pure, raw sex. C: You can't see it too well on here, but the drummer is hysterical looking B: Did you see when they ran through the rack of dresses, and then when they came out they were wearing dresses!? Wild!

nacho_supreme said...

I see your Rufus Wainright story and I RAISE YOU:

So, my ex-roommate Daniel is currently a Jesuit novice on the long and winding road to becoming a Jesuit priest. And a fellow novice/housemate of his? Back in the day? Used to DATE RUFUS.

How hot is that?