Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 28 - you're starting a new job today - w4w (Portland, Chicago, my heart)

saw you over the weekend when you shared my air mattress. we ate chipotle together (twice!!!!#?!!) i remember you mentioning, as you gracefully picked up dog feces from my floor, that you were starting a new job today. knock 'em dead. they are lucky to have you on board. let me know how it went. and tell me what color parka i was wearing.


nacho_supreme said...

Dude. I like it here.
I was welcomed with a dolphin greeting card and a box of Office Space-branded pieces of flair. I also have already overheard both a joke about the printer having shaken baby syndrome and a conversation about Nick Swardson as Terry, the gay rollerblading prostitute. It's like I'm Little Foot and I just discovered the cubucal version of the Land Before Time.

Also? Pony Bun is my newest myspace friend.

Case if the Mondays? More like, case of the Tay Zondays! (Tay Zonday = awesome)

rfresh said...

Enjoy your chocolate reign of awesomeness!