Monday, August 27, 2007

cat scratch fever.

Someone once told me that 90% of internet content was pornography. I would argue that at least 30% of that supposed 90% [that is, 27% of all internet content] is not porn, but cats. And this would be an awesome argument void of any anger or hostility. Because that would just be silly. Cats on the internet never make people angry!

I realize this is news to no one. Cats on the net have been hot for some time. [Note: I will, from this point in the post on, refer to "the internet" as simply "the net".] In fact, I was starting to worry that cats on the net had peaked. "Jumped the shark" if you will. But today, cats on the net have been re-energized for me, due to my discovery of the low-budge, cat centric, still photo heavy, music video.

I almost died.
Prepare to be awesomed:

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