Tuesday, August 28, 2007

completely inappropriate. and therefore, completely hilarious. at least to us.

Me: someBODY once told me the WORLD is gonna roll me…

Catherine: I aint the sharpest tool in the she-ed!

Me: What if you had to have sex with the lead singer of Smashmouth RIGHT NOW or someone would kill your dog?

Catherine: He like, got arrested for rape or something. And I'd do it - even if my dog was safe.

me: I’d do it because I have a soft spot for rapists. I’m super attracted to them.

Catherine: Me too - I like it when the guy's in control of the situation.

me: Yes. He takes the initiative, and that really takes the pressure off a girl like me. Rape advocacy.

Catherine: I'm a rapist advocate. I speak for the voiceless. Give me money to fund my safe house for rapists.

me: Ok. I'll have a fundraiser. Called "Take Back The Night…Again."

Catherine: And the picture on your poster could be a big man and a little woman playing tug of war with the moon.

Me: Clip art style. And we'll have a kids’ haunted house where masked men jump out from behind mirrors. Everyone will be invited!


Catherine said...

I don't know what to think of myself. Or you. I'd like to think conversations like this somehow to contribute to a greater good. This is as raw and uncut as it gets...

nacho_supreme said...

When we make a DVD of something, this excerpt will only be available on the raw and uncut version. It will have a red stamp-like logo across the front of my boobs that will say "raw and uncut".